Trip Coordinator User Role

This was previously called Trip Leader.

This is both a Role and a Subscription. So once an email address is assigned to be a Trip Coordinator, they cannot have any other Role and CANNOT make their own trips.

Who is this for?

You will want to invite a Trip Coordinator to your trip when you are working with someone that needs to see all the information across all your travelers, but should not be able to make changes to the itinerary or other Trip information.

Usually the Trip Coordinator will go on the trip as well, in that case, they must also be added to the Trip as a traveler.

Examples include:

  • Ground tour operator
  • Guide
  • Group Leader
    • Professor
    • Teacher
    • Coach
    • Manager
  • Executive Assistant

Access Permissions

As a Trip Coordinator, the User has a VIEW ONLY role, so they will only be able to:

  1. VIEW all information about the Trip
    1. Preview Travel Page
    2. Share Trip Link
    3. Invited travelers
    4. Itinerary (Program and Detailed items)
      • Optional itinerary responses
    5. Tasks
      • Task responses
    6. Resources
      • Trip resources provided by Planner to travelers
      • Documents uploaded by travelers in response to Tasks
  2. Send Messages from themselves
    1. Resend invites to existing invited travelers
    2. Send update messages
    3. Send reminders for
      • Optional itinerary items
      • Tasks
  3. Download documents and manifests
    1. All documents from Resources
    2. Manifest of all travelers from Manage People
    3. Manifest from optional itinerary items
    4. Manifest from completed tasks

TIP: The Trip Owner will be able to send messages as if they were the Trip Coordinator since they may get better responses from people if they get the message from someone they know.


Where do I add a Trip Coordinator?

Trip Coordinators are added to Trips by the Trip Owner or Co-Planner from Trip->Manage Settings->Trip Users.




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