Trip Registration - from Public Trip OR Manage People

What does it mean for a traveler to be "registered" on a trip? It means that their name has been added to the Trip under Manage People

The reason why this matters is because YouLi Travel Pages can present different versions of the same itinerary to different people. You can use YouLi for static itineraries, but it can do far more once you take advantage of the optional items in the Plan, customize their costs, put them in Invitation Groups, and assign them Tasks. All of these variations require that people are added to the trip in some way.

There are three ways to add people:

  1. A Planner can click 'Add People' from Manage People
  2. A Planner can Bulk Upload people
  3. The traveler registers themselves directly on a Public Trip 

Which option is right for you? Read on to find out.

This article is referring to the Private/Public option when you are Updating your Trip, it looks like this:


Is your Trip Private?

If your trip is for a dedicated group and you don't want just anyone to be able to register: Make the Trip Private.

When a Trip is Private, only the people shown under Manage People can view the Travel Page using their Magic Links

So the Planner (you) will need to add them either one at a time or using Bulk Upload.

NOTE: You'll need to explicitly Send Invite once you've added them so they get their Magic Link. See what emails will be sent when you Send Message or Send Invite.  

When you add people, they are added with one of three options for "Going?":

  1. Not Responded
    • They have been invited but have not confirmed their interest or attendance. Use this if you want the person to take action and click the button in the footer of the Travel Page to let you know they are serious. They will not be prompted to take any other action until they register
    • People who register directly on a Public Trip are never in this state
  2. Yes (aka "Registered")
    • If you know they are already committed to go and you just need them to complete payment and or tasks as configured on the trip, then this is the right option.
    • People who register directly on a Public Trip are automatically in this state when they click the right button - you can configure the Call to Action of that button, but it always appears as 'Yes' under Manage People.
    • Enabled Reminders for due payments and tasks will be sent if an email is provided
  3. No
    • If you know they cannot attend, this is the right option
    • This can be an alternative to deleting a person if they have made a payment already but they change their mind
    • They can select this by clicking the No button when they are invited OR
    • They can change their mind after registering under their Edit Profile on the Travel Page
    • You can change this under Manage People -> EDIT for the person
    • NO Reminders for due payments and tasks will be sent this this person

Is your Trip semi-Private?

However, if you have a specific group who should be allowed to register, but you don't want to do that work, then you can make your people do it.

In this case you probably need a Public Trip, but you don't want to "List it on Your Shop", so leave that option unchecked. So they will not appear in your Trip Shop and they will not appear on your website (see below for more on this).

Note that this option should only be used if you don't mind that anyone with the Trip Share Link can view your itinerary. This is similar to the way that 'Unlisted' works on YouTube or the 'Anyone with this link can view this document' on file sharing sites.


Is your Trip open to everyone?

Finally, if you're publicly advertising your trip, then you definitely want a Public trip. 

A Public trip should only be used if you don't mind that anyone with the Trip Share Link can view your itinerary. Click on the 'SHARE TRIP' button in the Trip Header to get the Share Link.


You'll also want to "List it on Your Shop"

So be sure to check that option when you're ready to share with the world.

Selecting that option means:

  1. The trip will appear on Your Shop, which is linked from the menu in the upper right.
  2. It will also appear on your website if you are fully integrated. 

Note that only trips in the future are shown, they are automatically removed when the start date passes. 



A Trip Share Link typically looks like:[Account-Alias]/[Trip Alias]

For example:

A Trip Shop Link typically looks like this example:


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