How do I bulk upload people and email addresses?

If you need to invite people to a Trip from a spreadsheet or downloaded from another system, then BULK UPLOAD is the fastest way to do that.

WARNING: Bulk Uploads CANNOT be undone. 

Be sure to review the preview carefully and your data prior to clicking CONFIRM.

Bulk Upload from Manage People

1. From your Dashboard, click on any Group Trip

2. Click on 'Manage People'

3. Click on 'Bulk Upload'


If the bulk upload button is missing, try on a larger screen.



Data Formatting Rules

You have two options to upload your data:

1. Paste or type into the box provided

2. Upload a file 

Either way, the formatting requirement is the same, each row must have 3 comma separated fields:


First Name and Last Name must be merged

If you have data that includes First Name and Last Name as seperate fields, remove the comma to load them here.



VALID: Name as one field - correctly formatted:

FirstName LastName,Email,Phone

Email is required

Email address is the only required field, but all three fields must exist, see last row in the sample.

No header row needed

Do not include a header row, it will cause the entire upload to fail.

If your other system has added it automatically, open the file and delete before uploading.


Cat Wynne,,
Jen Fein,,+18583148840
Smita Kulkarni,,0423839021

Updating in Bulk

If you already have people added, you can download them by clicking "Download sample file", then edit them and upload the changes.

TIP: Email address is used as the matching field to apply updates. This is helpful if you need to make changes to names and phone numbers.

NOTE: Changes to email address will result in a NEW invitee being added. You can either delete the other one, or, instead of uploading the new email, change the email address of the existing invitee directly by clicking 'EDIT' from the table.

NOTE: Blank phone numbers and names with matching email addresses will delete the phone number and name for that email. Be careful not to upload blank data if that is not the intended result.

Sending Emails - NOT automatic

When a file of new invitees is successfully uploaded, NO automated email is sent.

You'll need to click into 'Manage People' and then select the new invitees and then click 'Send Invite'.

The response status (Going?) for ADDED invitees is set to 'Not Responded'. That means you'll need to either EDIT them invidivually to change to YES or allow them to confirm registration when they click on the invitation.

The status for already responded invitees is NOT changed. If you'd like to do that for all uploaded people use 'Edit Selected'.

Only invitees with Going? = 'YES' will get automated reminders for payments and tasks. You can change them quickly by using Bulk Edit.

Learn More about how Trip Registration works in YouLi.



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