Open a Ticket

Can't find the answer you need? Open a ticket, simply click the "submit request" link above.

During Australian business hours you can also open a chat inside the platform by clicking the bubble in the lower right corner.

Common reasons to open tickets:

  • Upload a list of people to a trip - if you have too many to do manually, we are happy to help 
  • Get you started with a trip - if you have an existing plan or website with content, we can help you get your trip setup, just open a ticket with the content and we will do our best to bring your idea to life on YouLi
  • Connect to Square - Stripe is our preferred gateway, if you prefer Square, let us know and we'll enable the option
  • Feature request - are you missing something essential? Tell us and you might find it in the next release notes. No harm is asking :-)
  • Delete a trip - there's no going back, so be sure!
  • Delete an account - there is REALLY no going back, but we understand it happens
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