How do I integrate with my website?

For paid subscribers, your Public Listed trips are available in your Branded Shop, and can also be integrated into any other website for SEO and marketing purposes.

You can integrate at any time, even before your trips are created or finalized.

It is best to integrate while your website is under development to ensure your trips fit seamlessly into your site design. You might even find you have to build fewer pages because YouLi provides what you need out of the box to showcase your itineraries.

White-label Domain:

To make the integration smoother, you can choose to purchase a white-label domain so that your YouLi Trips are hosted on a subdomain of your website domain. If you're interested in this add-on, simply request a demo and our team can tell you if it's right for you.

RareAir Travel YouLi Web + YouLi Trips

Website (YouLi Web):

The website contains the general information about the company, but the itinerary specific information is hosted by YouLi Trips and embedded onto both the home page and the "Departures" page. 

YouLi Trips:

When customers click from the website to the YouLi hosted Trips, they still see the domain, so they trust they are booking from a trusted site.

Customers won't know they are on another platform when you use a White Label Domain.

See It in Action:


Simple Integration:

If the above example is not required, you just want to link from a landing page to the registration form on YouLi, watch this quick video.


Embedded Integration:

If you'd like to show your collection of trips listed on YouLi embedded within your website, including the banner image and trip details, follow the instructions below. 

1. Set your Account Alias to a short name that you're happy with

2. Click the 'Share Trip' button in the header of your trip, then click 'Integrate with Website'


3. You or your website developer can paste this into the page(s) at the location where you want your trips to be shown.

4. For any Trips or Quote Templates that you want to integrate, make them Public and Listed. This can be done under 'Update Trip' -> 'Overview' -> 'Trip Privacy'

Make sure they are trips in the future or with estimated dates. Archived trips will not be shown.


NOTE: Anytime you want to remove a trip from your website, simply uncheck the Listed option. It will immediately be removed once you save.

Spice Road Travel's Branded Shop inside YouLi



Spice Road Travel's YouLi Trips embedded on

Since this account has selected spiceroadtravel as their Account Alias, their snippet looks like:

<script src="">

This can be added anywhere on the site. In this case they have put it under "tours":



1. Do you have any Public AND Listed Trips?

If you don't see any trips after you've added the code, double check that you have trips that are Public AND Listed as listed in step 4 above. The quickest way to check is to click on your account name in the upper right corner of the the application. 

It looks something like this:


Once clicked you'll see an option for "YOUR SHOP"

[ screenshot of menu with "YOUR SHOP" ]

Click on that to be taken to your collection of Public and Listed trips.

FIX: If there are none shown, then update the trips you want to be Public and Listed before continuing to test the integration. You can always make a test trip and then archive it later.

2. Do you have any Public AND Listed Trips - that are in the future?

If the only Public AND Listed Trips you have in your account are in the past, they will be shown under the PAST tab on your Shop, but they will NOT appear on your website.

This can be confusing since the OPEN tab in this case is hidden, showing only the PAST trips.

FIX: Update the past trip to have future dates or estimated dates from inside the trip, make sure it is Public and Listed before continuing to test the integration. You can always make a simple test trip and then archive it later.

3. Do you have any Public AND Listed Trips - that are in NOT closed?

If the only Public AND Listed Trips you have in your account are closed to registrations, they will not be shown in your Shop or in your website.

To re-open a trip, change the close date to a date in the future or clear it altogether.

[ screenshot of close registration date ]

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