Group Trips and Quotes are owned by a single Planner. 

Many Planners can coordinate on a Trip at the same time as Co-Planners, but only one of them can be the Owner

By default, when you create a new Trip or Quote (from a Template or new), you are the Owner. UNLESS you are a Member of a Team. In that case, your Team Owner owns all Trips and Quotes you create.

The Owner of a Trip determines three key things:

1. Which email address is used as the FROM in Automated and manual emails


This email can be changed under Account Profile section.

2. The Account Alias used in the Share Trip Link which is public

This can be changed under the Account Branding section.

3. Who is the default Contact shown on the Travel Page

This can be changed with a support ticket request.


If you need to change Trip ownership, ask the Trip Owner open a support ticket and include the link to the Trip and the email address of the Planner who should own it.


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