Account Alias

Your "Account Alias" under "Branding" is used in all the branded links you share from your account. 

By default, this value is set based on your name. You may want to change this to match your business name. It is used in URLs so it cannot contain spaces or special characters.

There are two kinds of branded links (URLs) this applies to.

1. Share Trip

For example, if your Account Alias is spiceroadtravel, then your Share Trip link for the "June 2019 Petra" trip is:

NOTE: You can change the Trip Short Name when you "Update Trip" under the pencil icon inside your trip.

All automated emails include the personalized Share Trip links so your travelers see Account Alias in the browser when the link is clicked. We call these Magic Links, because they work like magic!

2. Your Marketplace

If you are a paid YouLi subscriber you have your own branded Marketplace.

Only the Public Listed trips that you own (or are a Co-planner on) appear on your Marketplace. 

For example, if your Account Alias is spiceroadtravel, then your Public Marketplace Link is:

NOTE: You can embed the trips you see in your Marketplace on your own website.



If you are a Member of a team, then you don't own trips by default. They are owned by your Team owner. So the Share Trip link for the trips you work on uses the Account Alias of your Team Owner. Simply contact them if you need this value to change.

If you need to manage trips directly as the owner, simply open a support ticket to request an Agent account instead of a Member account.



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